Mouth and Health

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Are you one of those people that fall victim to laziness when it comes down to having a good ‘Oral Hygiene Routine’

Is it perhaps, after a long hard day, the last thing on your mind to brush or floss your teeth.

Then before you know it days have passed by !!!!

If this sounds like you then PLEASE read the following facts:

  1. The mouth is one of the dirtiest areas of the body.
  2. The mouth harbours more bacteria than there are people on this planet (so it has been said).
  3. If bacteria is left to cultivate in the mouth, it can lead to problems such as periodontitis, gum disease and other general health problems.
  4. If dental plaque is left to build up on the teeth and gums over several days, it can lead to redness, soreness, inflammation and eventually infection of the gums.
  5. There is now a link associated betweenPoor Oral Hygiene and other General Health issues, such as:

Heart Disease

Bacteria in the bloodstream can travel to the heart and lead to a heart attack.


Bacteria may find its way to the inner linings of the heart and valves, which in turn, create growth pockets of bacteria. These pockets cause inflammation and infection of the inner linings of the heart,


There are a number of reasons why a stroke may occur – one is the narrowing of the artery walls and another is blood clots. It is believed that oral bacteria may be a contributing factor to the arteries narrowing as well as blood clots easily forming.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is known that periodontal disease will worsen the pain already suffered by those inflicted with this auto-immune disorder.

Lung Condition

Those already suffering from COPD  ( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and pneumonia may have their condition worsened due to an increase of bacteria in their lungs.

  • The best way to Prevent and Fight ‘Gum Disease’ and any other ‘General Health’ issues linked with bacteria is to change your Habit and Daily Oral Hygiene Routine.

REMEMBER you are never too old to change your habits.

‘If you do what you’ve always done, You’ll get what you’ve always got’

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